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Vehicle Tracking System

BLUECODE Technologies VTS is a powerful combination of proven technologies that includes: GPS based tracking device called as VTU, GPRS based two-way communication and Web-based location mapping software along with the mobile app for pocket friendly use ON THE GO.

VTU devices are wireless communication hardware installed on a vehicle and is connected to a remote server through Internet. This provides real-time fleet tracking and fleet management tools for tracking vehicles.

This unit will allow Operation Manager to monitor vehicle movements, receive speed alerts to ensure safety of driver and goods, know each time the vehicle’s ignition is On or Off, provides fuel tank open and close status and other meaningful alerts.

Backend AVL Application Features and benefits
Bluecode has state of the art R&D and in-house data center. AVL application has been developed and hosted for Vehicle Tracking Applications in our in-house data centre. Clients are provided with relevant access to the tracking application.

  • 24X7 Real-Time live vehicle tracking – This facilitates the user to choose from dashboard or map to track your vehicles or assets in real-time with meaningful information and alerts.
  • Various intuitive alerts – over speeding, route deviation, power supply disconnect/reconnect, device case opening, vehicle moved/stopped, SOS alerts ignition on/off etc.
  • Data access via internet, SMS - Receive exception alerts via email or SMS that enable you to proactively manage your fleet constantly.
  • Route Mapping and Geo Fencing - Set parameters to trigger alerts, reports, and maps to deliver even greater insight into your fleet's activity.
  • Backend solutions for basic fleet tracking, tracking with consignments, bus tracking & passenger information system etc.

  • Protection and management of fleet in real time, anytime, anywhere
  • Reduction in fleet operating cost
  • Improved productivity and revenue
  • Hassle-free fleet management
  • Advanced safety and convenience
  • Quick action possible in case of breakdowns & accidents

Surveillance System Inside Bus

Buses are the backbone of public transport in any country especially in India. Buses as a means of transport are a life line of any city to function. They are also a vulnerable target for petty crimes, theft & incidents that requires constant surveillance to monitor such anti-social activities.

On a busy day it is common that in the hustle and bustle in the bus passengers are more likely not to pay fares, disobey the conductors or drivers rules. A surveillance system acts as a third eye in the vehicle. Passengers who know they are under watch are more likely to follow rules, pay proper fares and obey the drivers and conductors.

Bluecode bus security surveillance system monitor bus activity, and act as preventative measure against acts of theft between riders, incidents that could start from an argument between riders, or a passenger under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Fare Collection System

Fare Collection System(FCS) from Bluecode is highly advanced and innovative. Bluecode uses of today’s growing technology that is based on android platform.

Automated Fare Collection system is a top-notch system designed for issuing tickets through handheld machine and sending the transactional detail of every ticket that has been issued through this android machine.

It is also designed for various contactless fare media such as smart cards and NFC. Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETM) will make fare collection transparent. Bus conductors will carry ETMs which are connected through GPRS to the control room.

The operator will be able to track the exact number of passengers in each bus along with the number of tickets issued on each trip. The same system will be used by other transport corporations for greater vigilance.

  • Fare collection using GPRS based Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETM) through paper ticketing.
  • Fixed Validation for pre-paid smart cards and Fare Collection Systems in buses.
  • Centralized software for Fare Collection System – to capture ETM data online and provide various MIS reports.
  • Operational and Maintenance support for ETM operations.
  • Stock Management operations for Pre-printed tickets.
  • Various kind of analysis and revenue reports.

Passenger Information System (PIS)

Passenger Information system uses information about the vehicle current location, route and speed. Provides ETA and timely information to the passengers. Information is shared through on-vehicle displays, announcement and through SMS.

ETA information is shared on web and mobile application as well.

  • Transparency to commuters in terms of information.
  • Proactive arrival and departure information.
  • Better scheduling.
  • Greater passenger satisfaction.

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