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Live Fleet Tracking

Bluecode Fleet Tracking solution lets you do it all. Our cloud-based solution gives you the information you need to decrease your overhead costs and maximize your revenue. Easily find and view the location of a single vehicle or your entire fleet. Immediately see their status, are they moving, idling or stopped? Track all activity including starts, stops and duration of stops. Quickly find addresses and dispatch the closest vehicles with optimized routes.

  • Maximize productivity
  • Decrease costs
  • Increase service revenue
  • Improve customer service

Fuel Monitoring & Management System

From the most innovative tank gauging systems in the world to the most reliable and accurate automated fuel control systems, Bluecode Fuel Management System offers the most comprehensive solution on the market for knowing exactly how much fuel you have and where it is going. From complete fuel accountability to total reconciliation and protection against fuel theft, Bluecode Fuel Management System keeps you and your asstes well protected.

  • The route to fuel savings.
  • Maintain your vehicles for fuel efficiency.
  • Ensure fuel efficient driving behaviors.
  • Know where your fuel is going.
  • Do not idle away your money.
  • Take control with an integrated fuel card.

Weighbridge Solution

Entry Gate process Description: Vehicle OR Truck will arrive at the entry gate. Entry Gate will be equipped with a desktop computer attached with the RFID reader, Software application to capture the weight data from the Weigh Bridge and camera. Driver or truck representative will show the hard copy (Challan/bill/paper) at the entry gate having all the required details of the item loaded.

Entry gate operator will then digitized these papers and upload the necessary details to the system via software provided.

Once all the information has been captured and stored in the system, a RFID card will be issued with truck number mapped to the RFID card. All the details of that truck will go to the central server on real time.

Driver will then go to the Weighbridge and tap the RFID card on Reader attached. Weight reading and truck image will be shown on the digital screen attached. Weight readings will be captured only when photo of truck has been captured by camera on giving OK from the computer.

This will ensure the wrong weight readings from the Weighbridge. Exit Gate process Description: Loaded truck arrived and data will be digitized. Weight and photo will be captured and stored in the computer and authenticated by the operator. Data will then be send to the central server. RFID card will be returned OR as decided by the management.

Heavy Equipment Tracking

Many construction and infrastructure projects such as road, bridge & building are located in remote regions where only satellite communication equipped GPS tracking systems are useful. It is the same scenario for mining operations in remote areas. By combining GPS fleet tracking and two-way satellite communications, operational efficiency & productivity of heavy construction equipment can surely be improved.

Through GPS monitoring of construction equipment, you know where and how your equipment is being used. You know immediately if equipment moves outside of a pre-defined area through a digital “geo- fence”. Location information also helps you deploy equipment and workforce resources more efficiently.

Competitive Advantage
Higher customer satisfaction and improved safety have become important factors in today’s world when bidding for new projects.

  • Improve utilization of the equipment
  • Monitor engine hours for improved maintenance
  • Set and clear geo-fences to alert after hour movement
  • Get detailed job costing information
  • View location for efficient maintenance & inventory
  • Reduce risk of theft and expedite equipment recovery
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Reduce fuel usage
  • Monitor warning lights

Genrator Monitoring

We build wireless remote generator monitoring systems for on-site power, standby power, and phone tower site monitoring applications. It is an advanced field-proven telemetry system for the management of mobile and fixed machinery such as Generators and Compressors.

This system can interface with intelligent generator controllers or connect directly to switches and sensors fitted to simpler machinery to monitor engine operations and detect pre-alarms or failures.

This insures you of increased generator availability and a rapid response to service problems.

It can be used for generator and tower analysis through advanced report and graphing facilities coupled with the in-built service and refueling predictions. We use state-of-the-art communications to identify engine problems before they become real power problems.

  • Genset Start / Stop
  • Main Power on/off
  • Genset Canopy Open
  • High Temperature
  • Low Coolant Water
  • Fuel Reserve
  • Fuel Refuel
  • Fuel Drain
  • Fuel Cover Open

GPS Container Tracking

Designed specifically for container shippers and cargo owners, the GPS Container Tracking is now providing total container security to many satisfied clients nationwide. Track, secure and manage a broad portfolio of assets through one easy to use Internet based web application. Our quick fit trailer tracker requires no external power supply for up to years, (based on the number of GPS/GSM positions per day).

Our system addresses a wide range of problems involving the movement of containers and ensures elemination of issues such as:

  • Not knowing where cargo is
  • Illicit smuggling of contraband
  • Poor security at ports
  • Not knowing where empty containers are in the logistics chain
  • Concern of container break-ins and theft of cargo
  • Illegal dumping from containers

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